Larry McKonkey Visits MxCC

Larry McKonkey Visits MxCC

Larry McConkey, world renowned steadicam operator demonstrating to students in the Center For New Media More »

Center For New Media Opens

Center For New Media Opens

Mayor Dan Drew of Middletown spoke to members of the Middlesex community at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Center For New Media. The college received a 2.5 million dollar federal grant to renovate our media facilities and programs to better prepare students for careers in new media areas. More »

The Pavilion in Founders Hall Opens

The Pavilion in Founders Hall Opens

The new Pavilion expansion of Founder\\\\\\\'s Hall opened in February 2015. The pavilion adds much needed interior open space to campus and embraces the natural beauty of the surroundings with inspiring views through large open glass windows. More »

Middletown Music Festival Rocks Campus

Middletown Music Festival Rocks Campus

The 3rd Annual Middletown Music Festival, co-sponsored by MxCC, has been scheduled for this summer during the second weekend of August. This year\\\\\\\'s festival will expand to two days and feature many more musicians and groups than last year. The festival features local groups from the greater Middletown area. More »

Learning Communities Promote Collaboration

Learning Communities Promote Collaboration

Middlesex students have been experiencing several new approaches to learning basic skills in English and Math this year, including new versions of structured learning communities. The communities help support students efforts by building stronger relations with fellow students through common courses and activities. More »

Students Like new Production Classrooms

Students Like new Production Classrooms

Several new production classrooms were opened this year as part of the Center For New Media. More »

MxCC Awards Honor Outstanding Students

MxCC Awards Honor Outstanding Students

Each year MxCC faculty select the most outstanding students from each program and academic area. Pictured are students who received academic awards in 2014. This year\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s award ceremony is scheduled for Friday, April 24. More »


Mass Surveillance: The Clash Between Freedom and Security


By Mary Hunnicutt Technology has brought forward a lot over the past several decades, but is it beginning compromise certain aspects of our lives? The emergence of what some mistake for as a “necessary counter-terrorist strategy” — mass surveillance —

It’s an Ugly Free-for-All

It’s an ugly free-for-all 2

By Michele Haynes No one’s message is getting through because it’s a mess. It is Middlesex Community College’s bulletin board system — layers of messy postings, many remaining from last semester and some posted years ago. “I found a scholarship

Class act: Colts QB is the Best in the Game

andrew luck

By Sara Briggs The National Football League is the most popular professional sport in the United States of America. Some of the most iconic athletes of all time have suited up, taken the field, and embarked on the ultimate journey.

Why Purchasing Bottled Water Needs to End


By Aisling O’Grady Everyone has done it. You have probably seen it done before your eyes a thousand times without a second thought. I bet your innocent, delicate, little grandmother even does it. We are talking about buying bottled water.

Computer Club Explores New Space

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 5.12.08 PM

By Michele Haynes Middlesex Community College Computer Club members explored their new space for the first time during their club meeting on Wednesday, March 11. The room in Snow Hall will be used as secured space for the computer and

Wesleyan Hosts First Outdoor Track Meet of the Season in Middletown


By Aisling O’Grady In their first outdoor track meet of the season, Wesleyan University boasted five first place entries and 14 top-three finishes on Saturday, March 21, at their Freeman Athletic Center in Middletown, Conn. The meet was held within

Pi Day Attended by Devotees and Detractors

Adrien Maslin, Dean of Students, recites an original poem extoling the virtues of Pi. Photo credit: Michele Haynes

By Michele Haynes An odd kind of mathematical observance took place yesterday at Middlesex Community College. Pi Day, observed on the 12th at the college, saw attendees eating pie while being entertained by a math professor and two deans. Some

MxCC Honors Student: One Step Closer to Dream of Becoming an Educator


By Aisling O’Grady Last fall, Middlesex Community College began its first Honors Program. Nineteen students who showed great achievement in high school were inducted. One of these inductees was Middletown’s very own Kendel Souza. Souza’s dream is to become an

Center for Civic Engagement Connects Students to their World


By Michele Haynes In a time of budget cuts and uncertainty in Connecticut higher education, one professor spearheads the drive to create a center that connects students with the real world. The Center for Civic Engagement translates Middlesex Community College’s

Highlights of Middletown: The Buttonwood Tree


By Mary Hunnicutt Yoga classes, jazz performances and wisdom speeches — these are among the many ways in which non-profit organization, The Buttonwood Tree, fulfills its mission. Situated in the heart of Middletown, Conn., it has sought out to color people’s lives